F No. S/22 Gen-115/2003 A(M I JNCH Dated 01 . 09 .2008



(Referred / amended vide P.N.No. 66/2008)


Sub :- Facility of Direct Port Delivery to select importers availing the Direct Port Delivery Facility for ACP Clients/ 100 % EOU- regarding.




It is notified for the information of trade and public that Direct Port Delivery (herein after referred to as DPD) for imported cargo will be permitted for reputed importers having Accredited Client Programme (ACP) status vide PN No. 64/05 and to 100% EOUs on a selective basis. The DPD permission will be granted by Commissioner of Customs ( Import) JNCH, on the basis of application by individual importers.


2. Application for Direct Port Delivery Facility

2.1 All the importers who are ACP status holders or 100% EOUs, who wish to avail of the facility, are required to apply for Direct Port Delivery to the Commissioner of Customs (Import) in the prescribed Proforma set out at Annexure A. The request will be processed and the decision will be communicated to the applicant.


2.2 While considering the request, due account will be taken about the past performance of the importer including Volume of Traffic, Dwell time and nature of goods.


2.3 The Commissioner of Customs (Import) JNCH, will grant the facility on a selective basis after satisfying himself about the importers ability to comply with the conditions specified.


2.4 Permission for DPD may be withdrawn by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) at any time in case of failure for adherence to conditions or any violation.


3. Filing of Bills of Entry and other Procedures


3.1 The Direct Port Delivery (DPD) will be available only to FCL containers covered by RMS facilitated Bills of Entry or where no examination is required, and will be granted round the clock.


3.2  In order to avail of the DPD facility the importer will have to file advance Bill of

Entry, pay the Customs duty and other charges, and be in readiness to take

delivery immediately on arrival of the vessel.


3.3  After payment of duty and upon arrival of the vessel, importer/ CHA should

approach the Superintendent in charge of Boarding office of the Port Terminal

concerned (hereafter referred to as DPD Superintendent) for obtaining Direct

Port Delivery.


3.4          The DPD Superintendent shall direct (on the hard copy of Bill of Entry) the Preventive Officer posted in the Port area to physically check the identification particulars and seals of the containers and report the findings.


3.5          The DPD Superintendent shall scrutinize the report and original documents accompanying the Bills of entry and if in order, permit clearance (DPD) of the Containers after retaining the relevant documents. After delivery of all the containers covered in the said B/E, the out-of-charge (OOC) shall be generated in printed form and signed by the DPD Superintendent, with his name and designation stamp.



3.6  Part delivery of the containers will be allowed by the DPD Superintendent

after due endorsement on the hard copy of Bill of Entry as per procedure laid

down in PN No. 47/2007 dated 07/11/2007.

3.7          Importer has to arrange Container trailers and evacuate all the containers within 24 hours of landing in the Port Terminal. If Containers are not taken delivery within 24 hours of the landing, balance containers of that lot will be transferred by the port to the designated CFS and clearance will be affected from the CFS as per normal procedure. Out Of Charge will be generated in printed form at designated CFS and signed by the concerned Appraiser/Superintendent, giving Out of Charge, only after verifying the report of part delivery given by DPD Superintendent on hard copy of Bill of entry..


3.8 The designated CFS for each Port Terminal for subsequent clearance of DPD Containers will be notified by the Commissioner of Customs (Import) JNCH.


3.9          Damaged containers or those with tampered seals will not be allowed DPD. These containers will be transferred to the designated CFS for clearance under normal procedure as specified in para 3.7.


3.10       Containers selected for scanning will be allowed DPD subject to importer

producing such containers for scanning as per the procedure set out in

paragraph 4.


3.11 If the Containers selected for scanning, form part of a single consignment covered by the Bill of Entry, the rest of the Containers will be given part delivery as per procedure laid down in PN No. 47/2007 dt.07/11/2007, subject to the importer undertaking to produce such containers at the designated CFS if required by the Customs for examination.


3.12 The importer/CHA can take DPD through their employee duly authorized for this purpose. Intimation for engaging CHA firm or the specific name(s) of their employee(s) will be given by importers to DPD Superintendent, Asstt. Commissioner of Customs (Import Docks) and Appraising Main(Import).


3.13 The Importer availing facility of DPD shall submit a monthly report to JC/ADC Appraising Main ( Import) giving details in the prescribed proforma set out as Annexure B.


4. Scanning:

Where the containers are selected for scanning by Container Scanning

Division (CSD), the selected containers loaded on trailers shall be presented to CSD Yard inside the Port by the Importer/ CHA . The scanning shall be

done on priority basis. If the containers are cleared by the CSD, the Bill of

Entry shall be endorsed with Clear stamp and signature of CSD Officer.

The other documents, such as Gate Passes shall also be stamped and

signed by CSD as usual. If the containers are not cleared by CSD and are required to be examined, the same shall be moved to the designated CFS by the importer.



5. Procedure for Shipping Line/ Shipping Agents/

Shipping Lines or agents while filling the IGM shall clearly indicate at the time of filing of IGM the fact of the subject importer/ container being eligible for DPD and will be manifested as destination (CY) of Port Terminal. They should give intimation of arrival of the vessel and give delivery orders to the importer well in advance for taking DPD immediately after Entry Inwards.


6. Procedure relating to Port Terminals


The Port Terminals (JNPCT, NSICT and GTIPL) are required to provide earmarked space in their Yards to keep containers belonging to approved importers of DPD so as to facilitate logistics relating to private trailer movements. The importer shall be responsible for intimating the list/job order of Containers to be cleared under DPD to the Port Terminals directly or through the Shipping Line, well before the arrival of the ship, to enable the Port Terminal to place the containers in the yards/ space specially earmarked for DPD. The permission to allow entry of trailers and designated Agent shall be obtained by Importer/ CHA from the Port Authorities in charge of security and logistics as per procedure.


7. Port Terminals to deliver the import containers allowed clearance by

Superintendent DPD to the importer or the authorized CHA. Any container

granted DPD but not removed by the importer within 24 hours of landing may

be shifted to the designated CFS by the Port Terminal at the cost of importer/

Shipping line.


8. Effective date

This Facility Notice shall come into force with immediate effect. In case of any difficulty, the specific issue may be brought to the notice of Additional Commissioner / Joint Commissioner in charge of Appraising Main/Docks/EDI for remedial action.