F.No:S/12-Gen-82 /2007 AM(X) Date: 23.09.2008



(Referred / amended vide Office Order)


 Sub:- Facility of Manual Let Export Order for export consignments

during the period of failure of EDI-system- reg.


A Shipping Bill (SB) is registered for obtaining the Let Export Order (LEO), after it was assessed in the EDI system. The LEO is granted in the EDI-System after the Export Cargo is examined / inspected (for Dock stuffed cargo) or based on the examination report of the Central Excise/ Customs officer who had supervised the stuffing.


2. The various Container Freight Stations (CFS), working under the jurisdiction of this Custom House, and situated at distant locations are connected to EDI System through the Main Server (installed in the Custom House Building) via Tele-Link. In recent past, instances have been noticed that, either due to a technical snag in main system or break in Tele-link between the CFS and main server, there was undue delay in giving Let export order to the Shipping Bills electronically.


3. The trade has represented to prescribe a procedure to grant manual LEO when the EDI system fails for a substantial period, to avoid the deferment of the process of granting LEO till the EDI system resumes and the consequential delay as well as the possible L-errors in respect of the Factory stuffed export cargo, where the LEO is delayed beyond the date/time of sailing of the relevant vessel.

 4. The matter has been examined. In order to address the above difficulty with regard to the clearance of the export goods, it has been decided to grant Manual Let Export Order to the goods whenever there is a failure in the EDI-system, subject to the following conditions:


(i)                 The goods have been examined as per the examination order / specific examination instructions and subsequently found fit for giving Let export order;

(ii)              The EDI connectivity is non-functional continuously for a minimum of one hour.





5. Whenever a situation as referred in Clause 4(ii) above arises, the Assistant /Dy. Commissioner (Export) shall confirm the status of connectivity by consulting the System Manager / AC (EDI), JNCH. On consultation, if the above situation persists, the Assistant /Dy. Commissioner (Export) shall grant the permission to give Manual Let Export Order to the goods being cleared vide EDI Shipping Bill, till restoration of the EDI connectivity.


6. All the exporters desiring to avail this facility shall approach the Shed Superintendent, and present original docket of Shipping Bill along with one photo copy of the entire docket (including S/B). The Superintendent after examination of the consignment shall record the examination report on the reverse of the hard copy of the Shipping Bill and photocopy thereof and shall give Manual Let Export Order on both of them. The original docket shall be retained by the shed Superintendent. The Exporter/CHA shall produce the photo copy of Shipping Bill bearing examination report and Manual Let Export Order to the CFS (Custodian) and the Gate Officer. The CFS (Custodian) and Gate Officer shall allow delivery on the basis of photo copy of the Shipping Bill containing examination report and Manual Let Export Order. The original copy of the Shipping Bill containing Manual Let Export Order along with the related documents shall be retained by the Shed Superintendent with the endorsement of the serial number and date a per the register for future reference.


7. As soon as the EDI System becomes functional, the Shed Superintendent shall feed the examination reports in the system including the fact of system shutdown for particular period and Manual Let export order given on 00/00/0000 on hard copy.  The Superintendent Shall feed such examination report in the system as soon as the system becomes functional. The Asst. /Dy. Commissioner or the Superintendent in charge of the Export shed/docks shall send a report to the EGM Coordination unit to convey the details of the SBs in respect of which the initial manual LEO was granted along with the date of such manual LEO and the date of feeding the LEO in the EDI-System.


8. In certain such cases, by the time the LEO is fed in to the system (after having granted the manual LEO) the concerned vessel would have sailed out with the goods covered under a particular SB, resulting in the




sailing date falling prior the date of LEO entered in the EDI-system, although the manual LEO was accorded prior to the sailing, causing L -Error. Such possible L-Errors on account of the initial manual LEO due to the EDI-system failure shall be corrected by the concerned Asst. / Dy. Commissioner in charge of the EGM coordination cell with out awaiting a separate request or application in this regard from the Exporter / CHA.


9. This facility shall come into force with immediate effect.


10. The contents of this facility notice may be brought to the knowledge of all the exporters and the members of the trade. Difficulties, if any, in this regard may be brought to the notice of the under signed.








1.     All the Trading Associations / Organizations.

2.     The Bombay Custom House Agents Association

3. The Custodians of all CFSs under the jurisdiction of JNCH.


Copy to:

1. The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai - Zone II, JNCH, Sheva.

2. The Commissioner of Customs(Import) JNCH, Sheva.

3. All The Jt./Addl. Commissioners of Customs(EP) JNCH, Sheva.

4. All The Asst./Dy. Commissioners of Customs(EP) JNCH, Sheva

5. Notice Board.