Special Investigation and Intelligence Branch,

 Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House,  Nhava Sheva,

Dist-   Raigad, Maharashtra – 400 707.

Tel. No. 27241825/27244983              Fax No. 27242402, 27242395.

F.No: S/6-Gen-13/2008 DEPB (V)                                               Date: 09/03/2011


                                    STANDING ORDER NO.  16  /2011.


Sub : Procedure for verification of Credit Scrip issued under  Served from India Scheme Certificate (SFISC); Vishes Krishi and  Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY), Target Plus Scheme (TPS); Focus Market Duty Scheme (FMS) & Focus Product Scheme (FPS)-reg.


            Attention of all the officers concerned of this Custom House is invited to the S.O. No. 29/2010 dt. 11.05.2010 which details the procedure to be followed in the case of Registration of Duty Credit Scrips issued under Served from India Scheme Certificates (SFISC); Vishesh Krishi and  Gram Udyog Yojana (VKGUY), Target Plus Scheme (TPS); Focus Market Duty Scheme (FMS) & Focus Product Scheme (FPS).  Attention is also invited to Board’s Circular No. 5/2010 dated 16.03.2010 and latest instructions F.No. 609/119/2010 - DBK dated 18.01.2011 wherein Board has directed to cause random verification of shipping bill etc to confirm genuineness/correctness of issue of said scripts.


2.         Presently, in terms of para 4. & 5. of the S.O. No. 29/2010 dt. 11.05.2010, SIIB(X) had been entrusted with the job of carrying out the random verification of the aforesaid scripts.


3.         However, in partial modification of the S.O. No. 29/2010 dated 11.05.2010, henceforth the random verification, presently being done by SIIB(X), shall be carried out by the DFIA Verification Cell following the same procedure laid down under S.O. No. 29/2010 dated 11.05.2010.


4.         However, if any discrepancy is noticed during such random verification by DFIA Verification Cell which requires detailed investigation, then such case may be referred to SIIB section with the approval of the Commissioner.


5.         All pending files/documents lying with SIIB section shall be forwarded to DFIA Verification Cell within 15 days alongwith list of all such documents.


6.         DFIA Verification Cell shall immediately start the work of selection of script for verification and to cause verification. Joint/Additional Commissioner DFIA shall draw a plan of action to initiate this work and the progress shall be discussed in monthly meetings.


7.         Difficulties faced, if any in implementation of the Standing Order may please be brought to the notice of the undersigned.











All the Concerned Officers


Copy to:

(I)        The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai-Zone-II,

(ii)       The Commissioner of Customs (Import), JNCH

III)       The Additional Commissioner of Customs (EDI)

(Iv)      All the Addl./Jt. Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.

V)        The Deputy .Commissioner of Customs, (SIIB (X), JNCH.

VI)       The Deputy .Commissioner of Customs, (CIU), JNCH.