F.No. S/22-Gen-49/2011-AM(I)                                                                     Date:   25 -03-2011

Standing Order No. 21 /2011


            Attention is invited to S.O. No. 64/2010 dated 15.10.2010 issued from F.No. S/JNCH-D-61-11-Disp(A) prescribing action plan for expeditious disposal of unclaimed/ uncleared goods.


2.         Attention is invited to Para 4 of the said S.O which reads as below:

            “The CFS will present/register said Docket with the Docks Appraising staff for examination either on the same day or latest by next day.  Docks staff shall conduct examination of cargo daily on regular basis or at a time convenient to them.  However, it will be ensured that the examination of the cargo be completed within two days from the date of registration/presentation of the Docket.”


3.         Subsequent to this S.O, it has been noticed that examination of goods under Disposal in Docks is not taking place within the stipulated period.  While there may be delay in the examination by the Docks staff in a few cases, in a large number of cases, the CFS has also not been found to be presenting the goods to examining staff as per the said Standing Order.  The net result is that many consignments under disposal remain unattended/ unexamined. 


4.                  To mitigate the problem, it has been decided that after the receipt of Docket from Disposal Section, the concerned CFS will make an entry in the register maintained in the office of DC/AC (Import Docks) {separately for each CFS} for the purpose as per format prescribed below and shall put up the lot file to DC/AC (Import Docks) only after making entry in the said register/record.  Thereafter, the concerned DC/AC(Import Docks) shall mark the examination to a particular AO/Supdt/E.O and the examining officer shall examine the consignment either on the same day or at most, the next day.  The lot file may be presented to DC/AC (Import Docks) only if the goods under disposal are ready for examination.  This will include preparation of local packing list, wherever necessary, and grounding of containers.  This will help the examining officer to carry out examination in accordance with PN 65/2005 dated 13.12.2005. The examining officer may give suitable directions for examination like de-stuffing of the container, making gully etc. by writing on the docket itself. In case, the goods are not ready for examination, suitable remark to this effect should be added in the concerned Docket by the concerned examining officer.

F.No. of Disposal Section





 of goods

Container No.

Date of receipt from Disposal Section

Date of presentation to Docks for examination

Marked to officer



DC/ Docks with date

Sign of A.O/ Supdt/

EO with date













5.         Every week, the DC/AC(Import Docks) in charge of the concerned CFS should take stock of the consignments put up for examination and should ensure that examination of the goods is carried out expeditiously as per the prevailing instructions. 


6.         Difficulties experienced in the implementation of this S.O. may be reported to the undersigned.





                      (MALA SRIVASTAVA)

                       Commissioner of Customs (Import)

                                                                                                           JNCH, Nhava Sheva.


Copy to:-

1.                  Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II.

2.                  Commissioner of Customs ( Export), Zone-II.

3.                  All ADCs/JCs/DCs/ACs under JNCH.

4.                  Disposal section

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