JAWAHARLAL NEHRU CUSTOM HOUSE, SHEVA

                                          TAL. URAN, DIST. RAIGAD


F.No. EDI-13/2010 JNCH ( Pt)                                           Date :   29 .03.2011 



                        Sub:- Procedure to be followed  in Import Noting Section in view of 

                                 implementation of ICES 1.5 Version at JNCH - reg.


            Attention of all the officers is invited to the fact that EDI operations at Jawaharlal Nehru Custom House, Nhava Sheva , Dist. Raigad, would be shifted to ICES 1.5 on 05.04.2011 due to which the EDI  system will not be operating from 31.03.2011 (12.00 Noon) till 05.04.2011 (9.30 AM).In this regard, in continuation of the Public Notice No.29/2011 dated 15.03.2011, following procedures are prescribed for manual operations during this interveneing period.

1. Filing of IGM:-

It has been decided that manual IGM will be filed during the intervening period. The Import Noting Section will give the IGM number manually after entering all the details in the register. The manual IGM number given by the Import Noting Section will be in continuation of the last number generated by the EDI on 01.04.2011 at 12.00 Noon. It is reiterated that “If a Carrier / Console Agent files manual IGM during the period from 1st April to 4th April, 2011, then, they will necessarily have to file EDI IGM on 05.04.2011, in ICES V1.5, through ICEGATE only. For legal purposes, the date of filing of Manual  IGM and Entry Inward date entered into Manual IGM would be taken into account”.(Para 11.2 of PN dt 15.03.2011)

2. SMTP Permission:-

With regard to SMTP permission which is presently given through EDI, the same will be allowed manually.  In this regard, Board’s Circular No.79/2001-CUS dated 07.12.2001 shall be followed. The Shipping Agents shall submit application for transshipment in the prescribed forms (5 copies) along with the relevant parts of IGM to the Superintendent, as is being presently done in respect of SMTP to non-EDI locations. They shall also submit the information as follows in a soft copy (in an Excel Sheet).

Sr.. No

IGM/Item No

Size & No of Containers


Carrier Name

Steamer Agent

Along with the application in the prescribed form, the shipping agents shall also submit an authorization from the carriers appointed for transportation of the goods from the gateway port to other ports/ICD s /CFS s, so that issuance of transshipment permit and debiting of bond can be done once the 1.5 version is operational on 05.04.2011. Further, as prescribed in the said circular, the carrier shall bring the landing certificate duly certified by destination Customs within the stipulated time and submit the same to the officer for re-crediting the Bond/Bank guarantee and for reconciliation of record. After re-crediting the Bond/Bank Guarantee, two print outs shall be taken and one copy shall be handed over to the shipping agent and the other shall be kept for office record.

 3. Entry Inwards/ Outwards:-

The Boarding Officers have been instructed to grant manual endorsement of the Entry Inwards of the vessel as well as the Outward Sailing Report. For this purpose, separate register will be maintained and a set of all documents shall be retained in the Boarding Office. After 05.04.2011, all manual entries shall be fed in the system.






Copy to: 

1.  Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II

2. Commissioner of Customs (Import/Export), JNCH, Nhava Sheva

3. All ADC/JC, DC/AC., JNCH Nhava Sheva

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