JAWAHARLAL NEHRU CUSTOM HOUSE, SHEVA

                                          TAL. URAN, DIST. RAIGAD


F.No. S/3-Gen- 30 /2011 Imp Noting                                                 Date :      05.05.2011 



Attention of all importers, exporters, CHAs and those concerned is invited . Shipping Agents ,Steamer Agents / Console Agents etc. has been facing difficulties for filing of CGM in ICES 1.5 V for the old IGMs filed in the ICES 1.0 Version IGMs filed prior to 01.04.2011.


2.         The matter has been examined. There is a technical problem in the system in accepting CGMs filed in ICES 1.5 V against IGMs filed in the ICES 1.0 V.Therefore, the system may not be able to accept the CGMs against the IGMs filed prior to 01.04.2011 immediately.


3.         In order to facilitate the clearance of goods imported under such CGMs to be filed against IGMs filed prior to 01.04.2011, the manual filing of CGMs is being allowed till the technical problem in the filing of such CGMs is resolved. Console Agent may submit the hard copy of the CGM to the Import Noting Section. The Import Noting Section shall make the necessary endorsement against the relevant Item No. in the IGM. Since it will not be possible to file Bill of Entry in ICES 1.5 V for items contained in CGMs filed manually, the filing of manual Bill of Entry is also being allowed. For this purpose, procedure prescribed vide P.N.No.04/2006 dated 13.01.2006 read with PN No.119/2010 dated 24.11.2010 for processing of Bill of Entry filed manually shall be followed. In all such cases, registration of goods, examination report and Out of Charge formalities would be completed manually only. It may be noted that this procedure is valid only for those cases where IGMs were filed in ICES 1.0 V prior to migration and CGMs were not filed. In all other cases, the IGMs / CGMs may continue to be filed in ICES 1.5 version.


4.         The import clerk shall ensure that the entries of all the manual Bills of Entry are made in the existing LAN system.


5.         Difficulties faced, if any, in the implementation of this Standing Order may please be brought to the notice of the Systems Manager/ AC (EDI).


6.      All the concerned officers are also directed to adhere to the direction mentioned in this Standing Order.











All the Concerned Officers

Copy for information to:

 i)     The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai-II Zone, JNCH

ii)     The Commissioner of Customs (Export), JNCH

iii)    The Additional Commissioner of Customs (EDI) : for uploading the same on JNCH website.

iv)     The Bombay Custom House Agent Association.

v)     All Shipping Agents/Console Agents Association (As per mailing list)